Ten tips to keep you safe on the hills and mountains

walking in the mountains has become one of the most popular outdoor activities. Gone with the previous image of an eccentric pastime oddly dressed old men dressed in woolly hats, studded boots, corduroy pants and a tweed jacket. Modern outdoor clothing is actually a multi-million pound business, which is often more to do with a fashion and practical use.

cutting preverbal sucks and fashion press on one side, allows you to get a real look at what is needed for a pleasant day in the mountains. The next ten items are essential, not only the convenience, but the actual survival, and safety.

(1) Warm clothing is – base layer : – The shirt or T-shirt, under wear and socks. (A thin lining thicker socks and walking socks) Mid layer : – Fleece or top. Pants or shorts in the summer (do not wear jeans, hold water and freeze you in winter. Cotton keeps moisture to avoid. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, do not hold moisture and dry much faster.) Outer layer : – (. Breathable best comfort) waterproof jacket Waterproof pants, hats, gloves. Sun hat in the summer.

(2) shoes – Season 2 Summer boots, they are lightweight, waterproof, slightly flexible and good ankle support. boots winter season 3-4, their hard, hard soles that can take crampons, waterproof, strong ankle support. Avoid shoes without ankle support. Educators in winter or wet grass can be fatal.

(3) backpack – 25 to 35 liters backpack ideal as a day bag. Choose one that is a breathable back, hip band adjustable shoulder straps. The more money to pay for more features in the package will be. For example, rod-pocket, camel pack compartment water tank and water-resistant outer shell. Do not carry unnecessary things in the bag, otherwise you start to regret bring the desired weight of the bag

(4) map and compass – in the UK, Explorer maps ideal They offer excellent detail and clarity to follow. Try to pick up a detailed map of the approximately two and a half inches to the mile, they show, fences and walls that can help guide lines to follow. Unless the laminated map, keep it waterproof case. Maps disintegrate when wet. There are various compass in the market, but try to get the one that the needle is suspended in a liquid, such as a compass Silva. The important factor is to learn how to use the Compass and read before venturing onto the hills of the map. Do not rely on a GPS device. Always a map and compass.

(5) Safety devices: – Whistle, flashlight spare battery (LEDs last longer) First aid kit, Bivvy bag and a spare laces. (They can be used either boots or tie a broken strap) rope when dealing with any rock climbing or crossing streams and rivers. Ice ax winter.

(6) enough food and drink of the day: – Water or fruit drinks (hot or cold) Avoid tea or coffee can help dehydration. NOT TAKE alcohol. Alcohol dries out then this will help not only to the effects of hypothermia very quickly. Easily digestible foods to get the energy of the system is much faster. Bananas and dried fruits are a better source of blood sugar, then chocolate.

(7) Design your path: – Plan your walk and you need to use an alternative route if the weather is bad. Do not take more, you can cope. Let's start with a simple walk, and build skills for some time. Built escape routes to walk, if conditions worsen. Tell someone where you are going and what time waiting to return. Leave a note in the glove compartment of the car. (If the car is still in the parking lot after several days and comes to attention to the emergency services, and at least one route takes the car to give them work on something.)

(8 ) Check the weather forecast – do not leave it to chance. Always check the weather before you go prospect a few days. Avoid extreme weather conditions such as high winds and lightning. The first thunder get down . Can you survive getting wet, but it is unlikely to survive a lightning strike. If you are caught out crouch down on the floor or backpack at the lowest point you can, do not expect anything metal, and wait for the storm to pass.

(9) Convenience: – Use a liner sock under a thick socks. This will help reduce the blisters, which, if you do not know the day miserable. Do not try going out new boots, break them first. Take a packet of tissues is essential for personal moments.

(10) Be prepared: – have a good night sleep last night. Avoid a beer in the evening. There will be very dehydrated and tired very quickly. There is a good breakfast before. If you're not that worried that the latest outdoor clothing patterns or syles.

Look at the different discount or outlet stores, who often provide you with first-class equipment at rock bottom prices. Do not skimp on the vital tools – eg. Boots, safety equipment, maps, compass, waterproof. They're just save your life . Most of all, enjoy the experience. The non-persistence, or taking your body to the limit. This is about finding petranquillity, becoming one with nature, enjoying the company of his companions, and all that good night in the pub afterwards to boast solar activity, or sitting around the campfire to the early hours of reliving those great moments in the mountains.

Source by David Harte

How do I find great opportunities Authentic Coach handbags Fake Coach purses

Online shopping brought us to be able to buy the product we want and need to have a high price. It is a pity that all the good things people find ways to take advantage of others.

Coach Selling products online is a huge deal. If you are looking to buy a car online product, you need to do your homework before making a purchase. You have to have that kind of money you are paying for is an authentic Coach purse not fake Coach purses.

Here are some tips to help you buy the real thing.

Tip # 1: C pattern

If the wallet "c" or "cc" style stitching will be able to use this pattern to check the authenticity. Watch your wallet to check the following.

a. C samples have to go straight up and down.

b. The sample will be centered in the front and rear panels of the wallet.

c. The seam will go directly to the "c" or "cc" blocking pattern is not case sensitive.

d. Look at some photos on the internet c pattern in the style of purse you are looking to buy.

There should be a consistency in the pattern.

Tip # 2: Leather label Serial Number

there is a serial number that exists in the majority of the real Coach purse that begin with a "No", which is found in the interior stitched leather label. Some of the smaller size is not authentic leather wallet member. These styles include the clutch, swingback and the mini. We have also seen counterfeits that from the label sewn on the rise, followed by a serial number. However, if you compare the false label of quality real leather and imprinting obvious what is real. The words on the label must also be capitalized.

Tip # 3: Know the Real Deal

we recommend you to visit the merchants in real Coach stores begin to teach herself what an authentic Coach purse looks and you feel like. Make sure that the external appearance of the skin, linings, zippers, stitching and leather tag. As you become more familiar with the real Coach handbag, it is easier to recognize a fake.

Tip # 4: Poor Craftsmanship – Skin is pieced together

The stitching on the wallet. Stitches in different widths, or is coming out of the seams is a great way to spot an error message. A real Coach handbag sewing impeccable.

Tip # 5: Coach style

In order to be an authentic coach handbags coach a style. It can be a little tricky because Coach release new styles throughout the year. I see the Internet as a great way to help you decide on the style you are looking for a true style. Ask questions in our forum or blog and learn from others.

Tip # 6: Zipper

Check the zipper of the purse. Coach a poor error message, you can easily tell the difference between watching a zipper. The Coach will use the zipper on the section "YKK" wallet. Find the engraving. If you are still not sure zip wallet a few times to how smoothly the zipper purse.

Tip # 7: C is not G

I think this is one to be self-evident, but it noted, because you have to work for some people. The Coach brand, starting with "c" is not a "g". It's incredibly silly to me, but some knockoffs coach is sewing a "g" or "gg" no "c" or "cc."

Tip # 8: Packing

I've seen a few auctions wallet with pictures packed plastic handle. To my knowledge, this may be a sign of a fake Coach purse.

Tip # 9: Read the About Us section or seller Info

retail websites do not mean that sales usually sell fakes. More information about the retailer. Do a Google search for the retailer to see if people are satisfied with the service.

If you are looking to buy on eBay, buying, who has a long history selling Coach purses. eBay will not allow sellers to sell fakes, and watching for this problem, but the sellers still slip through the cracks.

Do your homework so you can enjoy an authentic Coach purse at a great price. Happy shopping!

Source by Betty Baylor

Golf Shoes – Facts About Golf Shoes!

If you are looking for golf shoes, you will notice that many choices at hand for consumers. Now, individuals can choose to shop in retail outlets in the area, or they can connect to the Internet and look for online retailers.

is an individual makes up his mind to buy the local retail store, then I wish to see and wear all types of shoes before recording the kind of shoe that is best suited to it. If an individual decides to buy a live online retail company who does not have the choice of putting on the shoes, I probably would have been happy to take up.

There are several special styles of golf shoes you can buy a person. Although some individuals are of the opinion that selecting the perfect shoe is quite a simple procedure you must first take into account the individual requirements back. This ensures that the best choice of footwear.

What are the range of Golf Shoes offer?

Well, I have both male and female golf shoes, and shoes for kids' and teens sizes Now these regular golf shoes with spikes on the bottom for you adheres to the player;. In fact, widely this type of footwear is used. golfers tend to use these kinds of shoes, so as to control their activities, and finally because of the golf grounds, to be able to stay safe on the playground green.

Besides, there is no heel well, plus shoes that are up for sale. most retail stores also try the shoes that are comfortable and attractive, but each purchase golf shoes they wish to remember is that you need to pick up a few to give her both comfort and support.

What are the things consumers want to know Which Golf shoes?

see quite a few golfers golf shoes, is nothing more than a fashion following. in fact, there are certain people that buy the most expensive and flashy shoes just because it is of the opinion that these high quality. But this is not always the case. Most golfers do not give it a thought that is not suitable or appropriate combination of foot and shoe type can potentially affect the game.

however, has turned out to be on your feet hold the key to how to play golf, and also how we tend to swing to strike the golf ball. As a golfer, this is the foot on which the game is an excellent golf game. Therefore, if the hunt for a great pair of golf shoes, you might want to carry out research and look for a pair that is not only good for the game, but keep your peace of mind as well.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

Being a private investigator can improve retail businesses

If the manager or owner of a retail company, we know how important the role of the client is facing a shop assistant. When customers interaction with the staff that is broken or the first impression of your business – your future visits and a good first impression is to be provided.

In any case, the business, building meaningful relationships with clients, what will you apart from your competitors and makes it possible to deliver a memorable service. But when the service is memorable for all the wrong reasons, which may have an impact on customer harmful to the success of your business as a whole.

The saying goes: a client who had a good experience tells of a man, and a customer who had a bad ten will tell. This may be a generalization, but there is some truth behind the statement. The power of fame is undeniable and complaint platform more accessible than ever for you to make or break a business.

If the number of staff employed, it may be difficult for you to keep track of how they are performing well – especially if you own several retail stores. Even a manager in your house that you can not always trust someone to share your personal vision of how the company delivers customer service.

This is why many business owners and executives enlist the help of so-called "mystery shopper", allowing them to see how the performance of employees, if they are not here. Mystery Shopper can give you a full report on the experience as a "receiver" in the shop, as well as the performance of individual employees.

mystery shopping services supplied to private investigators that will go above and beyond to provide you with the experience of a certificate store. This can come in the form of photographic evidence or DVD, or both, together with a comprehensive written report on the progress made.

The reason many business owners opt for professional private investigators to keep an eye on the staff that they are highly experienced in covert surveillance, so discreet, it will appear natural. They are also capable of high-tech equipment to provide you with a watertight proof of the employee's behavior.

The service may prove particularly useful if you think that the worker was breaking the terms of the contract or the theft of the business. The private investigator was able to get enough evidence, the discipline to follow through.

Mystery shopping is an incredibly valuable training staff, presents the retail environment in action. You will be able to help the workers, where they achieved outstanding results in their performance and where you might need to improve.

Some private investigators can also conduct test purchases on behalf of business owners are trying to determine whether violations of the brand or counterfeit goods. Many PI perform these services for exhibitions, markets and retail stores to obtain evidence of wrongdoing.

If you are interested in enlisting the help of a private investigator, start by searching the Internet to find a private detective agency in your area. You need to make sure that the company is offering a mystery shopping service, so call to talk to a counselor if you can not find the services listed on their website.

Before committing to anything, be sure to read the company's privacy policy and terms of use. You will want to make sure that the management of information in the strictest confidence. It is best to discuss your concerns Advisor insight into how private investigators work.

Source by Mark Parfitt

Further targeting and buying tips

Target stores have positioned themselves as "hip discounters", a term that seems to be a contradiction in itself. The general perception is that the store can be either a discount or hip socket. While the prices are reduced fine, whimsical TV commercials and print newspaper ads, such as Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine that the hip image stays intact. But there is much still to finish, just like the picture.


There are two types of target stores – General Merchandise sales is essential, electronics and clothing, etc., and Super goal Stores grocery section, bakery, deli, and and so on. The general stores of about 130,000 square meters of floor space, the super stores is about 50% higher.

should be set up in densely populated areas

The unique design of advanced single-storey shops making operations where space is otherwise unavailable.

Target will open new stores in March, July and October and any other seasons. An average, it takes about 9-12 months to get a new deal.

Target stores are often moved to the new location in proximity to each other. The old business to a close at night and open new business the next morning does not disturb the service to customers.

Shopping Tips

Can you extra savings when you have a discount? The goal may be. To begin with, just spend a few hours getting to know the layout of the store you plan to use. This allows a much easier determination conversely such a large layout. It also lets you know about the end-caps. End-caps in a small area at the ends of aisles where items are kept gap. It is often difficult to spot, but the potential savings are significant.

Target Up & Up brand of its own. Before you buy anything, make sure that the Up & Up counterpart is available – you can often make a big difference in prices.

Target stores to change the prices quite often. Keep track of what you pay for regular purchases, and if you find that prices have fallen, buy in bulk and save. The lower price does not last long.

The stores do not offer much in the way of their coupons, but do not let that put you off. They accept a wide variety of manufacturer's coupons so you should keep track of what will be accepted, so they can obtain the appropriate coupons and save.

The return policy requires that either the receipt against which the item is purchased or credit card. However, they have already begun to return a value up to $ 70 per customer per year based on a driver's license as ID.

Keep an eye open for clearance sales that can offer savings of up to 50%. Keep in mind that a trade off and free pricing team in prices on a daily basis, and because they do not work on weekends, the best deals are available Monday through Friday.

Source by Nia Peters

How to open a package delivery Mail Store

Open consulting services mail and parcel delivery packaging store can be expensive. That is why I wrote the book in 2002, and many people took advantage of it.

What is the best way to open the mail packet packing and shipping store? If not independent, hire a developer or go to the franchise? We recommend that the veterans can cost, prices, location, shipping bills, equipment and delivery POS Software Inventory, accessories, profit centers, store layout, and then the decision.

Store opening costs

Expect a minimum of $ 35,000 to open a pro shop, where you can do a lot of physical upfit yourself. Most of the stores have been open for at least $ 75,000. This includes POS (Point of Sale) systems and computers, retail displays, and inventory. Of course, this all depends on whether the "hands-on" capabilities, business background, strategy, and where it is located. Yes, there are many variables.

pricing strategy

Check the competition for all types of transportation, will decide on the pricing strategy. Pricing strategy depends on your target market and profit centers.


"Location, location, location!" Important. Make sure that for the purpose of parking spaces in the set, as customers made packages for you. Take care when looking at what we call "Power Center". In general, the target market is the person or company that needs convenience and do not go to the big shopping mall on the way home.

Transport accounts

Contact FASC to become FedEx (FedEx Ship Center official). Your representative said conditions. ASO UPS (UPS authorized shipping outlets) for "grandfathered," which means that you may be able to obtain an ASO account when buying an existing business that ASO status. Contact Retail Shipping Associates at http://www.rscentral.org DHL account, the world's leading international shipping. Also visit RSA USPS to inquire about programs.

POS / Cash Register Systems

The current major POS (Point of Sale) software (cash register) program packaging and shipping stores PostalMate, ShipRite and resources. All have high points and flaws. Call each one demo and ask questions. For example, the POS can support you if you find in Hawaii?

Box Inventory

Of course, taking a general inventory box that works great most of the shipments. If you are buying a corrugated box inventory, keep in mind that box makers usually marked on the inside dimensions of a box. What does the exterior dimensions mean when a shipping carrier both internationally and dometically? Buy boxes we know we can deliver certain external dimensions usually carrying dimensional, oversized or international scale rules. Consider more powerful (double wall) corrugated boxes and large flat plates to reduce the possibility of damage.

Profit Centers

I know what the community needs adequate services and products. We have been to the shops is not a large business meals and leaves, while the other was a rather large freighter. Other profit centers, which are now high-income individual package and large freight. You know how to be a better price, and a great customer service to stay in business now!

Source by Fran Scarborough

Recarpeting and renovation Bass Boat – Tips for a professional look

There was the old boat around for a long time, and it's growing sea-worn (worn or garage). The seats and carpet to be replaced or recovering, needs a new fiberglass gel coat, and some little things in need of repair. Do you want an up-to-date look, but you certainly do not want to pay thousands of dollars for a new ship. How about sprucing up the old tub for a while? It may be fun, but where to start?

This is just about my husband and I a. We wanted to have a decent ship at times, but I did not use the boat to the merits of buying a new one. Therefore, we have decided to fix up the old one. First, we examined what it would take to put it back in good shape. One of the most obvious was a thorn in the seats. If you place them replaced? After investigating all possibilities, we came to a pretty clear choice – to bring them back would cost $ 400th They were replaced by new ones would cost about $ 160, so it's a no brainer. We found the seats for sale a nationally known sports outlet, ordered them and had them within days.

The next area was in dire need of attention fiber. It was dull and lackluster years, the sun and the weather. Once the products that are designed for the do-it-yourselfers, it was obvious that there was not a lot of labor-intensive, and the results were not large or long-term; Therefore, we decided to leave it to the experts to restore the fiberglass. In order to get a better deal, we decided to strip the ship before it is an estimate. The seats, carpet, carpet adhesive, railings, front compartment, and all accessories are removed carefully. Then we took the local shipbuilding. Because we were naked in the boat to be ready for renovation. The cost – $ 700th We saved about $ 200 to take all "stuff" off. So far they have $ 860 invested. (If you are repainting a boat trailer, it's a good time to do it.)

While the fiber was restored, we set the task of finding carpet, ordering, and getting it ready for mounting. Although the ship's carpet mats can be found in local stores, home improvement stores, or marine supply, the selection is usually very limited, especially in the choice of colors. As the ship was brown and bronze shades, the search led us to the Internet to find a carpet color that complements the ship's colors. The best selection and the best price we sell a carpet found in the carpet capital of the world – Dalton, Georgia. We ordered the 20-foot work, but it turned out to be too much, but at least do not run out. The carpet was $ 6.00 a foot. After delivery, we had approximately $ 160 carpet. Now he has spent $ 1020th

Once the fiber was bright again, and the ship was back home, we began the task of re-carpeting. We decided to do this ourselves. It's really not that hard, just laborious. Since this step to complete personally, I'm detailing equipment, and our steps and some of the "secrets" trial and error we found out.

Tools Required

* utility knife blades and lots of carpets

* Utility-quality scissors

* Small handcuffs, if necessary edges

* drill stripping wheel

* Scraper

* putty knife

* Black marker

* Once brushes

* n vacuo

* cloths, rags, rags

* Large work area

* mineral spirits or acetone

* Roll of brown wrapping paper

* Yardstick

* measuring tape


* Exterior latex adhesive – 1 gallon

* Carpet

Re-carpet steps

* The old carpet dissolving putty knife and pull it to the surface. If carpet resists removal, use of alcohol or acetone to dissolve the glue.

* After removing carpet, scrape glue residue from surfaces. Use drilling and stripping wheel to remove remaining glue. Be sure to remove be stuck as possible.

* Vacuum the inside of ships, then wipe off.

* The samples of the various components over carpeting by covers, etc., brown paper and follow around each at least one inch for general zone. The parts such as the diaphragm cover, do not forget that an extra amount needed to cover the edges plus enough to get over the beautiful look.

* The real need of the ship carpeting, use a yard stick and a tape measure to determine the size and shape of the field. Draw your pattern on the paper.

* Measurement flooring samples and pull off in this area. Tape two widths of paper together to make this pattern.

* After all samples are made, each one corresponding to the position of the vessel and mark with an "up" arrow to the direction to the mat to face grain. If you can not lay all the right pieces of carpet fiber direction leads to the mat seemingly different shades.

* Lay out carpet samples, making sure each piece is positioned correctly with the carpet of grain. Cut each piece of heavy-duty scissors.

* Disposable brush, generously spread glue on the first surface to be covered. Place a piece of carpet standing right in front of the grain line. Starting in the center, it smooths the edges. If the piece edges and lips, make sure it turns smoothly. Safe turning chapter clamps, if necessary, until dry.

* The flooring, glue generously covered area near the center and working toward the edges. Once the carpet is in place, press and rub it in place, making sure all the wrinkles out. Trim edges with scissors or a utility knife.

* After making all carpeted areas to dry at least 24 hours, replace all covers, seats, upholstery and accessories.

as part of the renovation and renewal process, you can be sure to check all batteries feature a rear engine and look at the troll motor and fish finder. Make sure your boat lights operate as the lights on the boat trailer. If you need to replace the bilge, this before who he is. After all together again, all components are operating, and the boat looks like new, get out and enjoy the beauty and exhilaration of cruising on the water, and found that the particular location where the fish are biting. The total cost of the project – about $ 1,200 – not bad for turning an eyesore on a beautiful boat.

Source by Sandra J Carter

How to design and layout of a coffee shop or Espresso Bar

If you are planning to open an espresso / coffee shop, you can develop effective business and design will be the most important factor in positioning the company for success .

Speed ​​service is critical to the profitability of the coffee business. An effective ergonomic design allows shops to maximize sales by serving the many customers as possible during peak business periods. Despite the fact that the business can be open from 12 to 16 hours a day, in reality, 80% of sales are likely to occur during 20% ​​of the clock. Coffee drinks mainly in the morning, so at busy times of the day (for those times when you are most likely to have a number of waiting customers) may be 06: 30-08: 30, and then again around lunchtime. If there is a bad business arrangement that is not logical and efficient flow of customers and employees, the speed of customer service and product preparation deteriorates.

Think of it like this; if you pull open the front door of the shop and see five main line to order, there's a good chance you can come in line and purchase. But if they see that the 20 people in the queue, there is a high probability that they will determine that the wait would be too long and you just have a coffee somewhere else. This is money that just evaded the cash register! And when they come into the store several times, often find waiting in the long line of customers, you may decide you are not a viable option for coffee and probably never return. Poor planning slows down the whole service process, so customers waiting in a long line, and lost sales. So in reality, the daily business income will depend on how many customers you can serve during peak business periods, and good design shop will be essential to achieve this goal!

The financial impact of bad design shops can be significant. For this example, let's assume that the average customer transaction in the coffee business will be $ 3.75. If you have a number of customers waiting every morning 7: 00-08: 30, it means that the time for 90 minutes crisis which you have to drive through the many customers as possible. If you are able to serve the customer every 45 seconds, it will serve 120 customers in 90 minutes. But if it takes less than 1 minute 15 seconds of service to every customer, you will only be able to serve 72 clients. 120 customers x $ 3.75 = $ 450.00 x 30 working days per month = $ 13500th 72 customers x $ 270.00 = $ 3.75 x 30 working days per month = $ 8100 or more. This means the difference between sales of $ 5,400 per month ($ 64,800 annually) coming in just 90 minutes of activity every day!

So how to go to the design of the café? First, understand that putting together a good design, such as assembling puzzle. It is necessary to fit all the pieces together in proper relation to the end of the desired image. This may require a trial and error to get things right. We have designed hundreds of cafes in the last 15 years and I can honestly say from experience, but it still takes me a few tries with an optimal design.

The design process begins with determining the menu and other functions that you want to store. If you plan to do in-store baking, then obviously you need to include in the plan, an oven, extractor hood, sheet pan rack, great preparation table, and maybe a mixer. If you plan to have a private meeting room for large groups, then an extra 200 sq. Ft. Or more will be designed in, in addition to normal customer seats of the space you are allocating.

lead to the planned menu and other business functions selection decisions about the size of the place. How many square meters you will need to fit all the necessary equipment, supplies, and other functions, as well as the required capacity?

Usually, only the space required for the service in front of the home area (cash, beer and espresso machines for baked goods, mixers, etc), back of the house (storage, prep , dishwashing and office areas) and 2-ADA restrooms, consumes about 800 sq. ft. If space prep dishes, baking, roasting or cooking will be required, this can increase the square footage from 1000 to 1200, or more. We will always differ from within our remaining after that will be the seating area.

Thus, a typical 1,000 sq. Ft coffee, cakes and drinks and simple but is likely to allow the seat 15 to 20 customers – up! Increase the floor area of ​​1200 sq. Ft., And the seats should be increased to 30 or 35. If you plan to prepare sandwiches, salads, and a few other foods on site in 1400 and 1600 sq. Ft. Space sufficient for 35-50 seats, respectively.

Next, you need to define the responsibilities of each employee position will be made so that the necessary equipment and fixtures realization of these tasks can be placed in the right places.

Generally, the cashier will operate the cash register, beer and serve drip coffee and serve pastries and desserts. A barista makes every espresso-based drinks, tea, chai, hot chocolate, Italian sodas and drink mixer. If you will be making sandwiches, panini, wraps, salads and light meals or baking will be on the spot, then a person dedicated to food prep will be required. And, if you anticipate a large scale, and for, or ceramic, a bus person / dishwasher may be necessary.

Once you have determined what you will serve, will lease the space and we will be responsible for all workers, it will be ready in the planning process. I usually start the planning work in the back door of the space and work my way forward. You have to plan all the features that are needed in order to comply with the bureaucracy and make it easier on the menu before seating plans of the client.

The back door had probably serve as an emergency to the emergency exit, so you'll need to switch to a dining hall. Their place in the two-ADA restrooms off this corridor would be a good way. And, as the transport of products is likely to occur at the back door, having access to back of the house would be convenient storage.

of back to the house a minimum, you need to include water heaters, water treatment systems, dry storage area in back-up refrigeration and freezer storage, ice-making machines, office, three-compartment dishwashing sink , stand-washed wares, mop bucket sinks and a hand wash sink. Is there any food preparation, and the addition of food preparation sink and table preparation will be needed. If you do baking, making ice, cooking or coffee roasting whole, all equipment necessary to these functions can be added.

Once all the functions have been designed in back to the house then you are ready to start the design work to the front of the house service and beverage preparation area of ​​. This area probably contains the pastry case cash register (s) for drip coffee maker and grinder (s), coffee machine and mill, a diving well, possibly a granita machine, blender, ice storage tanks, blenders, rinse the sink, hand wash sink, under-counter refrigeration (a coffee maker and mixers) and microwave.

If you are serving too simple pastries and desserts, you may need to add a panini toaster grill, a cold sandwich / salad preparation tables, soup cooker / warmer, toaster, etc. If you plan to serve pre-made, ready-made serve sandwiches, wraps, and salads and a selection of bottled drinks, open front, reach-in refrigerator merchandising should be considered. Serve with ice cream or ice cream? If the answer is yes, then an ice cream or ice cream dipping cabinet will be needed, as well as another diver.

Finally, if all work areas of the bar is designed to be laid out in the customer seating area. This, of course, include a cafe tables and chairs, sofas, comfortable upholstered chairs, coffee tables and maybe a window or stand-up bar stools. Impulse buying goods and retail shelves must be created and spices should be placed near a bar where customers can pick up drinks.

A quick word sofas, upholstered chairs and large tables. Living room type furniture takes up a lot of space. If you are planning to open evenings, and maybe a beer and wine, and having comfortable seating will be important in creating a soothing atmosphere, then by all means do it. But if a few seats, and not trying to encourage people to relax and stay a long time, stick to coffee tables and chairs. The more people know about space, the higher the income potential!

Features of the entrance door to the condiment bar should be arranged in logical order. As the customers at the front door of the travel routes take longer to impulse buying merchandise display, and the dough before you arrive at the point of order (where the cashier, cash register, and the menu-board will be located). Exposing the pulse of the customers and bakery products before ordering, dramatically increase sales. Then, after the order and payment have taken, they continue going down the line-cash pick-up drink, and finally, the spice bar must be placed beyond this point. Be sure to separate the product from point of order pick-up at least six feet, otherwise the customers waiting to drink begins to penetrate the space of order.

Do not make the mistake many inexperienced designers often make. Arrange these features in a random manner so that customers change direction and cut back across the line of customers waiting to go to the next target in the service order. Or that the coffee maker is a focal point for those entering the store, you can put before you by the cashier of the client's path. Customers will inevitably end up trying to order in front of the barista informed them of the need to proceed to the cashier first. If it happens dozens of times a day, confusion and slowed beverage industry will be the result.

The employee side of the counter, work and product flow even more important. resulting from sub-optimal unnecessary steps or less wasted motion employees planning to slow down production. All products should be conducted in all directions in seamlesly the final point of the pick-up. For example, if a given element is a three-step process, and then placing the device to be made in step 3 to a linear direction, which may occur in the last step of the closest point where customers will be served.

equipment to be grouped so that the close proximity to the employee (s) who will use it. Beyond the actual equipment, empty spaces should be left on top of the counter for storing ingredients and small wares (assets) product used in the preparation. Counter top space will also be required where the menu items will actually be assembled. Think of the grouping equipment other work functions stations. Try different stations are in close compact and close working relationships, but make sure that there is enough space for each other so that the employee's working hours do not cross paths, which may contribute to the employee conflicts.

specific workplace

Create allows several employees behind the counter if needed. If you are busy, you may have two cashiers, another person just bagging coffee cakes and beer, two baristas behind the espresso machine, a maybe even a dedicated person working in a blender. If sandwiches and salads made to order, you need to add another person to handle this task. Keep close to the station employee allows easy access to all the equipment during very slow periods of business, thus saving labor dollars.

If you arrange for equipment related to each other, no matter that most people are right-handed. Moving to the right of access to coffee espresso grinder will feel more comfortable as they should move to the left. Similarly, place the ice storage bin to the right of the blender, so if you scoop the ice, you can hold the cup or blender pitcher in the left hand and the right blade.

you create your store layout, equipment selection must fit the space and the needs of the expected business volume. A busy place probably need a double or twin, air tanks, drip Coffee machine (one that can cook two pots at the same time), against a brewery. If you sell a lot of pre-mixed drinks and ice and under counter ice maker, one that can only produce 100 pounds of ice days or less will not be enough. You must instead look for the large capacity ice maker (the one that you might have 400 or 500 pounds. Per day) in the back of the house and the ice icy road holding bin up front. We plan to frozen desserts and ice cream? Then one door reach-freezer in the back of his house is probably not appropriate for storage for your needs, so you'll need to consider a two or three doors. I always recommend a three-group espresso machine in any location that generates 150 drinks per day or more. And I can tell you the experience you can never have too much storage space for dry or frozen!

Make sure that the selection of all equipment will be acceptable to the local bureaucracy to purchase and take over it. All ads are usually approved by UL & NSF or a similar, acceptable foreign equivalent certification. The bureaucracy is likely to want to see the manufacturer's technical specifications for all equipment to check this fact before they approve the plans.

ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliance will also come into play when designing the cafe. In some areas of the country, it is only those areas of the store that will be used by customers. However, other bureaucratic require the entire store to be ADA compliant. The following are some of the basic requirements of compliance with Code:

• All hallways and the island should be 5 feet wide (minimum).

• All worksheets must be working height of 34 feet tall (instead of the usual 36-inch height).

• 18 inches of wall space should be provided free-strikes sides of the doors (on the side of the handle.)

• All handwashing sinks must be ADA friendly.

• All bathrooms have ADA-compliant (5 legroom wheelchair turnaround, handrails toilet at a reasonable distance around a toilet and hand washing sink, etc).

• No action has, ramps are all right at the right pitch.

• If space is multi-level, then there may not typical to a level where disabled access is not guaranteed if the same function does not exist a level where it will be available.

found in the full compliance with ADA requirements at the following website:


beyond the basic equipment floor plan presenting new partitions, cabinets, appliances, equipment and furniture, you'll need to prepare some additional drawings to guide the entrepreneurs and satisfy they bureaucracy.

electric Plan

An electrical plan will be required to show the location of all the stores required to operate equipment. Information such as voltage, current, phase, hertz, special instructions (as in "requires a dedicated circuit"), and the horizontal and vertical location of each outlet, you are all set.

is a small, simple cafe can get away with 200-amp service, but typically 400 amps will be needed if the equipment contains package as an electric water heater, high-temperature dishwasher or cooking equipment (oven, panini grill etc.)

in addition to the electrical work needed for the coffee business-specific devices, you may need to adjust the existing electric backup or reorganize lighting, HVAC, general-purpose convenience stores, and external signs. Also, the electrician to run the necessary speaker wires, TV / internet cables, remote and cash register receipt printer cable at the same time they are installing electrical wiring. Finally, it is important that the electrician takes care of the illuminated exit signs, emergency evacuation lighting system and if necessary a battery-powered.

Water Plan

The Plan, which outlines all the plumbing function will be required. Minimum, this should be noted stub-places all the necessary water source (hot and cold), sewers, water heaters, water purification system, grease interceptor (if necessary) bathroom fixtures etc.

While a typical P-trap should drain most of the fixtures and equipment to be acceptable, some will require a gap drain. Air gap drain does not go through the "S" shaped twists on the P-trap. Instead, the channel line is straight down equipment or component and stops two inches high on the edge of a porcelain floor sink drain. This porcelain basin drain is usually installed directly on the floor. The air gap in the drain line to the equipment or component and the bottom of the pool, preventing the migration of bacteria in the sewer pipe or assembly of the equipment. It channels the following pieces of equipment on the floor sink drain when creating a water supply plan

• Maker

• diving wells

• Ice

• Ice storage container


• dish washing

• beverage dispensers

to save the life of the water filtration system, only coffee and coffee should be managed by water. The coffee is 98% and 99% of water, so that the good quality water is essential. The ice maker just need a simple particulate filter incoming lines (except when the water quality is terrible). There is no need to filter the water that will be used and hand dishwashing detergents, cleaning rags, flushing toilets and washing floors!

Be aware that a lot of bureaucracy now requiring grease interceptor drain line to the 3-compartment sink washing machines and automatic dishwashers. The grease interceptor is basically a box baffles traps the fat before it enters the public sewer system.

also understand that a typical retail space heater does not come with enough capacity to handle your needs. Unless the place was formerly operation with some food, you probably need to replace it with a larger.

If the cutting trenches in the floor will be installed porcelain floor sink, a grease interceptor and run drain lines, and establishing a general-purpose floor drains in the same time behind the counter and in the back of the house, it will be useful. Floor drains will allow the squeegee fluid away when spills occur, and when washing the floor.

Finally, if you have converted a few new walls, it is possible that the fire suppression system is set in place and configured.

Cabinet rose

Drawing cabinet heights (a view you would have if you were in the lockers before), will be necessary for the furniture industry to you need to understand the functions built into the cabinet designs.

These increases are not meant to store a manufacturing drawings cabinetmaker, but only serve as a reference, showing required functionality and the desired configuration. Where would you like cabinets and under counter storage space; and where you want the cabinet doors under counter storage? Where to stay in the open space under counter refrigeration and placement of dustbins? There will be cup dispensers to be installed in the cabinet face under the counter top? These increases provide a cabinetmaker and a clear understanding of all these features.

While the lower kitchen cabinets at home are usually 24 inches deep and 30 inches in commercial applications to be deep, and 33 inches when under counter refrigerators are inserted. In addition, when specifying the size of the reception desk open bay under refrigeration, sure to be a few inches more than the physical dimensions of the equipment, so they can easily be inserted and removed from the daily cleaning.

Dimensions Plan

We need to create a floor plan showing all the critical dimensions of the new partitions, doors, cabinets and fixtures. This, of course, help to all ends up, if you suppose that, and it will be the right size.

One last thought of the design; unless the area is the design of pure vanilla shell (meaning nothing now, space, except perhaps an ADA restroom) then you need to make sure that all the features that you are considering keeping acceptable will be local bureaucracy. Many older buildings are not designed to codes. If your business type is the same (a player in the food service facility before) then some time in the wrong features will be exempted in which means you don & # 39; They must bring them to the current requirements. But do not expect this! You need to ask the bureaucracy to make sure. I see more and more business owners need a new bureaucracy to remodel so that each function is compatible codes. This means that you might have to rip-out bathrooms and hallways, add fire-fighting systems and ramps where steps. It is better if you know all these things before you start to shop design!

I always tell my consulting clients that if you create a perfect design and layout them, they will never notice … because everything exactly where you expect it to be. Unfortunately, if you create a less optimal design of the cafe, you probably do not realize until you start working on it. After changing the design of errors or omissions in fact, it can be very expensive. It does not improve the mistakes can cost you up to greater loss of potential sales. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use the coffee business premises of experienced designers create the layout for you, or at least to review the design is created. If you do so, the dividend payout.

Source by Ed Arvidson

Side Trip to Pampanga Clark International Airport

If you just booked an Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways promo fare Clark Airport, you may decide that a day or two when you get back to your goal! Why do you ask? As Clark Airport is located in Pampanga, the goal is to provide as much! Here are some ideas:

Factory outlet shopping. It is known to many, Pampanga – specifically Angeles – home to many outlet stores. Most of these outlet stores can be found in Robinson Starmills Angeles.

Dining. Pampanga in the hands of the best places to try Filipino food. In fact, they hailed as the culinary capital of the Philippines. There's something about the way food you can not point the finger to. So take note of the following restaurants; try the delicious food for lunch or a snack before you head to the airport or go full blast in a food trip when you return.

  • Everyone Cafe, for those who have some exotic dishes such as stuffed frogs and crickets (camaru)
  • Lucing and Aling, a taste of the original sisig
  • Historic Camalig Restaurant (yes, that's his full name), a popular pizza take Kapampangan
  • Razon of the halo-halo (this is on top of a dessert made from fresh ingredients are milk and ice)
  • Bale Dutung, proper meal worthy of Anthony Bourdain's visit (this is where Claude Tayag way up the celebrity / chef)

discovery . All travel without any Philippine goal is not admiring the natural beauty. In Pampanga, you can try the following activities. Just make sure you do not forget to board the plane:

  • Mt. Pinatubo Sky Tour. If you've been Pampanga, this is one thing that you should try. This Php4,500 per person, regardless of whether the number of people, because a plane different sizes. It's on the expensive side, but rest assured that the views of the crater is worth it.
  • El Riding Equestrian Center Kabayan. If you enjoyed watching western movies, you will definitely like this place. The facility, a replica of an old western town in an old American cowboy film, provides the backdrop for horseback riding. You will find the quality of horses here, as these animals are retired horses or equestrian show circuit, some even imported from other countries.

There are many more things you can do in and around the Pampanga Clark airport. As I said, this is a destination in itself. You can have a food trip, shopping trip travel and nature, and you certainly will take more than a day. So the next time you snag one of these cheap flights to board the ship at Clark Airport, make sure you reserve an additional two days.

Source by Marikit F Dela Cruz

Choosing carrying bag boutiques and gift shops

designer handbags, fashionable wallets, ladies' hats and accessories have become very popular in recent years. Gift shops, boutiques, retail stores and designer seemed to be a tendency to stock up on goods establishments in this category. How to choose a merchant wholesaler, providing them with quality products at a fair price?

a wide range of price points

Not all fashion accessories and handbags cost equally. Although a lot of bags and purses in stores in the range of $ 40-50 is a lot of designer handbags that can be sold for $ 150 and higher. Many retailers earn more profits in the high-end handbags, such as bags and accessories in wholesale prices 40-50% below retail price.

quality goods

Make sure the fabric conveyor 1, which is the industry's excellent talk quality. Not every handbag of similar quality. There Bag sale $ 40, that can last a year or more, while some sales of $ 250 is falling apart a few months. The retail unit's reputation depends on the quality of the goods. It does not include the weak wholesale handbags suppliers due to marketing tactics, if the goods did not make the cut.

Available styles

handbags and purses come in a wide variety of styles. There are different materials that make up the bags like canvas, leather, fabric, suede and even straw in the spring and summer months. Then there are the endless range of styles, such as clutches, hobos, cross body, strapless and totes. Bags also come in a huge variety of designs, sequins, beads, embroidery and stitching. pays choose a supplier that can offer a huge selection of styles, so the store is a reliable source of products that customers will earn.

wholesale at discount prices

extreme variation in known fashion accessories pricing, and wholesale handbags is no different. Choose a provider that is also a direct manufacturer, so pass along the savings directly to retail outlets. Find a wholesaler that sells a low minimum quantities to retailers, so the savings are available when purchasing a minimum amount of bags.


do not pay for the stock, which is referred to as the "replica handbags" or cheap imitations of brand name handbags like a Gucci, coach, or Pravda. These iconic brands command a high price, and no one will be fooled to pay a $ 20 top name handbags. Everything that does not dilute the store's reputation and good name. Select an honest carrier to its own brands, or buy from an authorized seller who is authorized to sell wholesale brand name handbags.

Source by Aaron Parnes