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Target stores have positioned themselves as "hip discounters", a term that seems to be a contradiction in itself. The general perception is that the store can be either a discount or hip socket. While the prices are reduced fine, whimsical TV commercials and print newspaper ads, such as Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine that the hip image stays intact. But there is much still to finish, just like the picture.


There are two types of target stores – General Merchandise sales is essential, electronics and clothing, etc., and Super goal Stores grocery section, bakery, deli, and and so on. The general stores of about 130,000 square meters of floor space, the super stores is about 50% higher.

should be set up in densely populated areas

The unique design of advanced single-storey shops making operations where space is otherwise unavailable.

Target will open new stores in March, July and October and any other seasons. An average, it takes about 9-12 months to get a new deal.

Target stores are often moved to the new location in proximity to each other. The old business to a close at night and open new business the next morning does not disturb the service to customers.

Shopping Tips

Can you extra savings when you have a discount? The goal may be. To begin with, just spend a few hours getting to know the layout of the store you plan to use. This allows a much easier determination conversely such a large layout. It also lets you know about the end-caps. End-caps in a small area at the ends of aisles where items are kept gap. It is often difficult to spot, but the potential savings are significant.

Target Up & Up brand of its own. Before you buy anything, make sure that the Up & Up counterpart is available – you can often make a big difference in prices.

Target stores to change the prices quite often. Keep track of what you pay for regular purchases, and if you find that prices have fallen, buy in bulk and save. The lower price does not last long.

The stores do not offer much in the way of their coupons, but do not let that put you off. They accept a wide variety of manufacturer's coupons so you should keep track of what will be accepted, so they can obtain the appropriate coupons and save.

The return policy requires that either the receipt against which the item is purchased or credit card. However, they have already begun to return a value up to $ 70 per customer per year based on a driver's license as ID.

Keep an eye open for clearance sales that can offer savings of up to 50%. Keep in mind that a trade off and free pricing team in prices on a daily basis, and because they do not work on weekends, the best deals are available Monday through Friday.

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