How to open a package delivery Mail Store

Open consulting services mail and parcel delivery packaging store can be expensive. That is why I wrote the book in 2002, and many people took advantage of it.

What is the best way to open the mail packet packing and shipping store? If not independent, hire a developer or go to the franchise? We recommend that the veterans can cost, prices, location, shipping bills, equipment and delivery POS Software Inventory, accessories, profit centers, store layout, and then the decision.

Store opening costs

Expect a minimum of $ 35,000 to open a pro shop, where you can do a lot of physical upfit yourself. Most of the stores have been open for at least $ 75,000. This includes POS (Point of Sale) systems and computers, retail displays, and inventory. Of course, this all depends on whether the "hands-on" capabilities, business background, strategy, and where it is located. Yes, there are many variables.

pricing strategy

Check the competition for all types of transportation, will decide on the pricing strategy. Pricing strategy depends on your target market and profit centers.


"Location, location, location!" Important. Make sure that for the purpose of parking spaces in the set, as customers made packages for you. Take care when looking at what we call "Power Center". In general, the target market is the person or company that needs convenience and do not go to the big shopping mall on the way home.

Transport accounts

Contact FASC to become FedEx (FedEx Ship Center official). Your representative said conditions. ASO UPS (UPS authorized shipping outlets) for "grandfathered," which means that you may be able to obtain an ASO account when buying an existing business that ASO status. Contact Retail Shipping Associates at DHL account, the world's leading international shipping. Also visit RSA USPS to inquire about programs.

POS / Cash Register Systems

The current major POS (Point of Sale) software (cash register) program packaging and shipping stores PostalMate, ShipRite and resources. All have high points and flaws. Call each one demo and ask questions. For example, the POS can support you if you find in Hawaii?

Box Inventory

Of course, taking a general inventory box that works great most of the shipments. If you are buying a corrugated box inventory, keep in mind that box makers usually marked on the inside dimensions of a box. What does the exterior dimensions mean when a shipping carrier both internationally and dometically? Buy boxes we know we can deliver certain external dimensions usually carrying dimensional, oversized or international scale rules. Consider more powerful (double wall) corrugated boxes and large flat plates to reduce the possibility of damage.

Profit Centers

I know what the community needs adequate services and products. We have been to the shops is not a large business meals and leaves, while the other was a rather large freighter. Other profit centers, which are now high-income individual package and large freight. You know how to be a better price, and a great customer service to stay in business now!

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