Side Trip to Pampanga Clark International Airport

If you just booked an Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways promo fare Clark Airport, you may decide that a day or two when you get back to your goal! Why do you ask? As Clark Airport is located in Pampanga, the goal is to provide as much! Here are some ideas:

Factory outlet shopping. It is known to many, Pampanga – specifically Angeles – home to many outlet stores. Most of these outlet stores can be found in Robinson Starmills Angeles.

Dining. Pampanga in the hands of the best places to try Filipino food. In fact, they hailed as the culinary capital of the Philippines. There's something about the way food you can not point the finger to. So take note of the following restaurants; try the delicious food for lunch or a snack before you head to the airport or go full blast in a food trip when you return.

  • Everyone Cafe, for those who have some exotic dishes such as stuffed frogs and crickets (camaru)
  • Lucing and Aling, a taste of the original sisig
  • Historic Camalig Restaurant (yes, that's his full name), a popular pizza take Kapampangan
  • Razon of the halo-halo (this is on top of a dessert made from fresh ingredients are milk and ice)
  • Bale Dutung, proper meal worthy of Anthony Bourdain's visit (this is where Claude Tayag way up the celebrity / chef)

discovery . All travel without any Philippine goal is not admiring the natural beauty. In Pampanga, you can try the following activities. Just make sure you do not forget to board the plane:

  • Mt. Pinatubo Sky Tour. If you've been Pampanga, this is one thing that you should try. This Php4,500 per person, regardless of whether the number of people, because a plane different sizes. It's on the expensive side, but rest assured that the views of the crater is worth it.
  • El Riding Equestrian Center Kabayan. If you enjoyed watching western movies, you will definitely like this place. The facility, a replica of an old western town in an old American cowboy film, provides the backdrop for horseback riding. You will find the quality of horses here, as these animals are retired horses or equestrian show circuit, some even imported from other countries.

There are many more things you can do in and around the Pampanga Clark airport. As I said, this is a destination in itself. You can have a food trip, shopping trip travel and nature, and you certainly will take more than a day. So the next time you snag one of these cheap flights to board the ship at Clark Airport, make sure you reserve an additional two days.

Source by Marikit F Dela Cruz

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